"Employing Denise and Doodie Calls is one of the best decisions that I recently made. I have two labradoodles who have the the freedom of my backyard (invisible fence). I found myself not getting out there on a regular basis for clean up. Hence, the build up--and my grown up kids coming to visit and complaining that the yard was becoming unhealthy. Even when I did comb through the yard, I think I missed a lot of it. Not Denise, she gets it all, and my grand kids can now play without fear of stepping in the "doodies"!"     Barbara P.  Bethlehem

"Denise is wonderful.  She is friendly, trustworthy, professional and her prices are excellent.  She shows up every week, no matter the weather.  I would highly recommend her any day."  Jenn G.   Easton

"The cost of service was reasonable, I have 3 dogs and Denise would have to take that in considerartion along with the size of the yard.  I was very pleased with the price and was able to have her do my weekly clean-up.  I also had her do my daughter's yard as well from the winter. I have 3 dogs and I am disabled and unable to do the things that I use to do. Now I can have a clean yard for me and my dogs. I am very happy with her service."  Debra M.  Whitehall

"Amazing service and great communication! I plan to use every year as I am very busy and don't have time to clean up doodie after the snow melts! thanks and see ya next year."    Brain L.  Bethlehem

"Doodie Calls provided unsurpassed customer service.  Honest, trustworthy service. Hardworking and dependable. Passionate about our furry friends.  Truly a pleasure to deal with Doodie Calls. A++++"    Autumn B.  Easton

"it was excellent. I use her service regularly. If she sees something abnormal, she will let me know right away. for example, one day she texted me letting me know there was a sock in the poop. another day she notified me that she saw little blood on the stool which i knew about but still she is very attentive. also, we had garden lamps all broken (I didn't catch at the time) due to dogs running around, and she picked them all up and let me know that as well. She is wonderful and I am so glad i have one less thing i need to take care of."  Jiehae L. Bethlehem

"In this busy world we are so happy that Doodie Calls is in business!  No mess - no smells, once a week she is there and the only evidence we have that the job was done - is "No Evidence"!   Now we can actually take the time to "smell the roses", instead of the remnants of our lovely three dogs.  We wonder why we waited so long to find Doodie Calls. 
Yes, if our grandparents were still alive they would think we were crazy - but then again this is the 21st century and times have change. "  Harry F.  Nazareth